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Build Your Own Balinese Wellness Retreat

Call it the "Eat, Pray, Love" effect: Indonesia's idyllic hub of Bali has simmered as a paradisiac destination for centuries, but it's really only recently that a new crop of Zen-inclined souls have begun seeking serenity among the island's verdant rice paddies and infinite white sands.

From spiritual yoga sessions to total tech detoxes, here it's all about healing and transformation. And because it’s a personal journey, the ideal experience is a bespoke one; zipping around freely on scooter or via private driver makes it possible to pack in more cleansing and healing pursuits than one destination alone could offer.

For wellness encapsulated, head to the hills of Ubud, home to every kind of alternative therapy you’ve heard of—and many more you haven’t. Surrounded by lush rice terraces, Ubud’s mysticism is heightened by the local Hindu rituals and ceremonies constantly on display.

Begin by selecting a yoga studio, such as the palatial Yoga Barn or intimate Radiantly Alive. Next, find a healer; Alchemy is a perfect starting point for everything from colonics to ozone therapy, and vibrational energy medicine to intuitive readings. Everywhere you'll find yogis and health nuts eager to recommend their acupuncturists, heart coaches, and medicine women. Rebooting your system from the inside is also key. Ubud is a global epicenter for the organic and raw food movements, and detoxifying cuisine is as easy to find as a Hindu offering. Frequent Clear, Soma, Dayu’s Warung and Seeds of Life for cold-pressed juices, the water from young coconuts bigger than your head, and abundant vegan and Ayurvedic dishes.

And of course, what's a retreat without massages? Go local at Cantika (whose natural products are crafted onsite) or deluxe at Como Shambhala Estate, consistently ranked one of Asia’s best spas. Cap off the curative trip with a blessing at a holy water temple, which your hotel concierge can organize. You’ll feel positively reborn.