While Manhattan is synonymous with New York City’s nightlife, the other boroughs have stepped up their game, offering unique hotel bars and rooftop spaces that are all the rage. Let’s take a peek beyond Manhattan to the trendy neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Queens, and more. Discover the coolest hangouts, as we showcase hotels with hip bars and rooftop scenes that add a fresh perspective to NYC’s diverse nightlife.

The William Vale (Brooklyn)

In the heart of Williamsburg, The William Vale boasts Westlight, a rooftop bar that exudes style and sophistication. With panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, this chic venue is a favorite among Brooklyn’s trendsetters. Sip on craft cocktails, mingle with the artistic crowd, and soak in the vibrant energy of Williamsburg.

The Z Hotel (Queens)

Located in Long Island City, The Z Hotel is home to Z Roof, a hidden gem with unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline. This rooftop oasis draws in a lively crowd and offers a buzzing bar scene. From creative cocktails to dancing under the stars, Z Roof captures the eclectic nightlife of Queens.

The Hoxton (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Nestled in Williamsburg, The Hoxton’s Summerly rooftop bar is an artistic haven. Lush greenery, sweeping neighborhood views, and a chic atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for enjoying craft cocktails. Embrace the laid-back vibes and artistic energy that define Brooklyn’s trendy scene.

The Boro Hotel (Queens)

Set in Long Island City, The Boro Hotel is home to Beebe’s, a stunning rooftop bar with panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline and Queensboro Bridge. Cozy seating areas, exceptional mixology, and a vibrant atmosphere make Beebe’s a must-visit spot in Queens’ emerging nightlife.

The Bronx Beer Hall (The Bronx)

Step into The Bronx Beer Hall, located within The Arthur Avenue Retail Market, for a unique hotel bar experience. Featuring a wide selection of local craft beers, live music, and a welcoming ambiance, this spot captures the energetic spirit of the Bronx. Rub shoulders with locals and savor the flavors of this culturally rich borough.

New York City’s nightlife is no longer confined to Manhattan. Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx are redefining the hotel bar and rooftop scene with trendy venues that cater to diverse tastes. Whether you seek stunning skyline views, Brooklyn’s artistic flair, or the vibrant community vibes of Queens and the Bronx, these cool neighborhoods offer an exciting alternative. Venture beyond Manhattan, discover the hidden gems and immerse yourself in the evolving nightlife of these trendy boroughs. Embrace the new wave of hotel bars and rooftops that are shaping NYC’s ever-changing scene.

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