1 Hotel San Francisco

Echoing its Northern Californian heritage ethos, 1 Hotel San Francisco beckons travelers with its awe-inspiring views of the city skyline, the majestic Bay Bridge, and the iconic Ferry Building. Crafted by visionary designers, its essence is woven from reclaimed wood, indigenous flora, and organic cotton, celebrating the region’s intrinsic beauty. The heartbeat of well-being resonates here, embodied by the Bamford Wellness Spa’s holistic embrace, nourishing farm-to-table cuisine by Executive Chef Scott Koranda at Terrene, invigorating Mind & Movement sessions, and tailored personal training. Beyond the lavish comfort, it proudly wears its sustainability mantle. A rooftop sanctuary blooms with life, recycled materials grace every corner, and an ingenious water-saving irrigation system weave an eco-friendly tapestry.