Eurostars Langford

Eurostars Langford embodies Downtown Miami’s vibrant, artistic essence. Housed in a meticulously renovated 1925 historic gem that once hosted Miami National Bank, the hotel harmonizes history and sophistication. The eclectic design weaves a unique tapestry, reflecting Miami’s timeless allure across 126 luxurious rooms. Contemporary amenities blend seamlessly with the vintage oak floors and 1920s-inspired motifs, creating a captivating ambiance. Unveil the city’s charm through an exhibition gracing each floor, immersing guests in Miami’s neighborhoods. Indulge in Spanish tapas and dishes at the gastronomic haven, and relish cocktails at the rooftop bar, reminiscent of Prohibition-era glamour. Elevate the stay in a radiant fusion of past and present at Eurostars Langford.