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Juvet Landscape Hotel Valldal, West Norway, Norway


Expansive walls of pure glass
Each room located in a standalone cube
Communal meals in the cozy barn



Already an indisputable forerunner in design, Scandinavia has taken a global concept and planted it firmly within its own soil—quite literally—with Juvet Landscape Hotel, whose striking conceptual marvels are plotted amid farmland dating back to the 16th century. Thanks to the visionary helm of native architects Jensen & Skodvin, it's an experience remarkable for aesthetics on every level, from the enticing sleeping cubes to the rugged countryside that their mirrors ingeniously reflect.

Queen rooms start at $183

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Rugged hills and jagged landscapes look familiar? They served as the scenic backdrop to the award-winning fantasy thriller, Ex Machina.


  • Vibe and atmosphere

    There's a bounty of activity in Gudbrandsjuvet, a good five hours' drive from the nation's capital, and guests spend their time embarking on season-related adventures, from sub-zero skiing to ferry trips around fjord-driven waterfalls. Back onsite, dinner in the communal barn reveals culinary surprises like multiple-course seafood entrees—this is an epicenter of Michelin-touted ingenuity, after all.
  • Overall look and feel of the rooms

    "Room with a view" takes on an entirely new meaning with the nine standalone spaces, which take absolute advantage of their countryside coordinates to proffer stunning vistas of the dramatic landscape from vast, open glass walls.
  • Service style

    Staff is keen to plan adrenaline-boosting excursions, or walk curious visitors through the historic elements of the property—ask for a tour of the farmhouse, whose restoration has left multiple elements dating back to the 1800s functionally impact.
  • Preferred room type

    The newest additions to the lot are the Birdhouse rooms, modeled after traditional Norwegian "stabburet" log houses. Situated among the gently sloping hills, the two spaces are cozily compact, allowing nature to dominate.
  • Unique property features

    Day spas seem a dime a dozen in upscale hotels—but Juvet trumps the lot, with its traditional-style sauna housed in the same style as the sleeping quarters. Here, post-excursion bliss is doled out in the form of an open-air hot tub, steam room, a quiet room overlooking the river, and a fully functional fireplace outfitted for gatherings.